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What does Dusterhoff Tuning do? 
We are a Hemi Performance & Tuning company, based out of the Atlanta area. We specialize in Gen 3 Hemi Performance i.e. Hellcats, Trackhawks, Demons, RAM TRX, and Naturally Aspirated Hemis as well. We provide parts, tuning and build advice.

How Does Remote Tuning Work?

To get the remote tuning process started, we need a Pre Tuning Form filled out. This describes all the vehicle's modifications in detail, and we use this information to work up the tuning invoice. Please make sure to fill the form out as completely as possible. If we don't have good information here we can't properly calibrate your vehicle. Once the invoice is paid, we then schedule a tuning appointment on the tuning calendar. If the tuning invoice is not paid, you cannot get a tuning appointment, all tuning must be prepaid. Until your appointment is confirmed, you do not have an appointment. Do not assume just because you were told when an appointment is available that you are scheduled for that slot, you must confirm the appointment. 

 What are the appointment options?

We offer either tuning by appointment or we can work on it a little at a time in the order of emails received.  We have appts 9 am and 1pm eastern Tues through Thurs and 9am eastern on Friday. If you choose not to do an appointment and instead to do a little at a time please keep in mind that out typical email reply time is 1-2 business days.  

 What if I need to reschedule? 

If you need to reschedule your tuning appointment, please reach out to us with at least 48 hours notice. If you reach out to us inside of the 48 hour window, there will be a $75 surcharge to get back on the tuning calendar. Our tuning calendar is full, and when you no show for an appointment it costs us money and hurts our other customer who have been waiting to get their vehicle tuned. If you are more than an hour late you lose your appointment slot and will need to reschedule your appointment.

What kind of response/turnaround time should I expect?

Our normal business hours are Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm eastern. We do not work weekends or nights.  Our typical response time, if you do not have an appointment, is 1-3 business days. If you email Friday afternoon it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before you receive a response, depending on work load.  We strive to have as fast of response times as possible but at this time we can not guarantee responses any quicker than this, especially during our busy season. We apologize if this turnaround time doesn't work for you, we just want to be upfront about what a customer should expect going into the process.  If you can not make this work, we understand and encourage you to seek out other options although these response times are on the shorter end of the spectrum as far as the industry as a whole.

 What is required for Remote Tuning? What will I need? 

We tune using HP Tuners ONLY. So you will need a HP Tuners interface, called a MPVI 2 and credits. For 2015+ vehicles, you will need your PCM unlocked for HP Tuners. For 2018+ vehicles, you will need a HP Smartaccess cable. You will need a windows capable laptop, the HP Tuners software (available at : https://www.hptuners.com/downloads/ ), wifi / internet, and your vehicle! 

We will need datalogging done on your end to complete tuning, unless we are doing a load and go file. There is no way around this, we need the datalogs to dial in the tuning. We cannot bench flash the PCMs, or mail them to you already tuned. 

The remote tuning process is a process.  Some vehicles may only take one or two revisions while others may takes many more.  You will be required to drive the vehicle and log it in different conditions including wide open throttle. When asked for pulls, we are very specific with our instructions, and need those instructions followed precisely. Do not go rogue. Only make one pull unless otherwise requested. 

My car is on E85, do I need to test the fuel?

Yes if your vehicle is being tuned on e85 you need to have a tester to test the alcohol content.  Alcohol content can vary wildly accross the country depending on time of year.  If you own a vehicle that is going to run on E85 you need to purchase a tester and regularly test your fuel to ensure the safety of your engine.

 I added parts, how do I go about getting a new tune / revision?

Reach out to us! We can get you a revised file. We will need a new tuning form for the modifications. Revisions vary in price depending on how much tuning work is involved, i.e. adding longtube headers will not cost what a new cam / fuel system will. 

What if I have a mechanical issue?

Since we did not assemble your vehicle, we can not assist you in diagnosing your mechanical issues for no charge. The service that you have paid us for is calibrating your vehicle, not diagnosing and fixing mechanical problems. If we get into tuning your vehicle and there is a mechanical issue, we can assist in diagnosing it but charge a fee for such a service.  This fee is $75 an hour.  Since many times we run into situations where we believe the vehicle has a mechanical issue but the customer believes it is calibration related, we will refund any diagnostic fees if we find the issue to be a calibration related problem. If you purchased your parts through us, we will assist as much as possible in diagnosing any mechanical issue with the parts purchased through us.

 Can you build my car?

We do not do any installs.  We offer tuning, parts and build advice only.


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