DIRS-J for Jeep Trackhawk and SRT (2018 and newer vehicles)

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DIRS-J for Jeep Trackhawk and SRT (2018 and newer vehicles)
Differential Integration and Reinforcement System - reinforce your differential case and improve your car's IRS operation and traction with the DIRS-J! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

- Part one attaches the differential using the lower two main case bolts and the two lower case bolts to reinforce the differential.
- Part two attaches to the rear cross-member and carries an OEM differential bushing (just like the two in the rear cross-member) to add a third, triangulated integration point to "attach" to the reinforced differential.
- American made and CNC machined T-6061 billet aluminum
- OEM differential bushing
- ARP and Grade 10.9 hardware
- 304 Stainless Steel threaded cross-member inserts
- Complete kit with everything needed for installation including Loctite
- Hard anodized coating in black  
- Access to fill and drain plugs
- Two holes will need to be drilled in the rear cross-member to install the DIRS-J
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