Durango Hellcat BWoody Performance Full Suspension Package

Regular price $892.85

Compatible with: 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat
  • BWoody Upgraded Swaybar Links
  • Bwoody Rear Adjustable Control Arms 
  • BWoody Upgraded Toe Arms 
  • X2 SPC Camber Kits
 NOTE: The links included with this kit are compatible with Factory Sway bars only.
Benefits of upgrading to Delrin Race Bushings :
  • More positive feel, firmer ride
  • Less lateral movement
  • Recommended for High HP builds.
Hybrid Setup:
  • Includes half polyurethane & half delrin bushings
  • Delrin bushings will be on the frame side of the control arm.
 *Note: Hybrid bushing set-up is highly recommended for the SRT application*

** Currently 2-3 week lead time **

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