Innovators West 9.35% Overdrive Balancer For Hellcat/Trackhawk/Redeye/Demon

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This Innovators West balancer assembly installs as a direct replacement for the OEM balancer (PN 05038731AE).  
This SFI-approved balancer is assembled with all of the technology Innovators West is famous for - an all-aluminum case with a steel, stress-proof hub, 1050 steel inertia rings and the proven wet clutch friction dampening design.
This balancer measures 8.750" at the blower drive, which represents a 9.35% overdrive.  This generally results in 2-3 lbs of added boost, and unlike other balancers, the speed of the accessories on the vehicle remain unchanged. 
As shown in image 3 above, this balancer kit includes all of the necessary items to positively lock the balancer in place on the crankshaft snout.     


Installation Note:  With the installation of larger diameter balancer assemblies, it is often necessary to perform some minor clearancing (grinding) of surrounding components.  Raised bosses on the aluminum front cover may require minor clearancing to create room for this larger balancer. 

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