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Jokerz Hellcat Supercharger Porting Service

Product image 1Jokerz Hellcat Supercharger Porting Service
Product image 2Jokerz Hellcat Supercharger Porting Service

Regular price $1,250.00

We have personally seen gains up to 90 whp from this ported snout coupled with the bearing plate, dome cap and larger throttle body on a vehicle with supporting mods.  Best CNC program in the business for hellcats at the moment.
The price reflects the cost of shipping your supercharger back from Jokerz performance once the port work is complete as free shipping could not be offered on this product due to the size/weight.
Jokerz Hellcat / Demon / Redeye / Trackhawk Port Program
Industry first CNC port program for Hellcat / Demon / Trackhawk / Redeye Supercharger. Our custom inlets our based 10 years of supercharger knowledge.  Bringing the most effective inlet we can offer to the market. Our products are cut on a centroid 5 axis cnc machine. Inlets are custom made take into consideration twinscrew rotor efficiency and compression. Ensuring our inlets dont bleed off boost and allow the most air to be moved by the rotors without turbulence. This allows the blower to see gains from down low in the rpm band to the high rpm band. If your looking for the port work jokerz has got what you need
Port work is most effective when coupled with an aftermarket throttle body. BBK 100mm, vmp / hhp / a2 / Jokerz 105 mm throttle body, or 112 Nick Williams. 
  • Shipping Info

    • Once you checkout, print out your emailed receipt and put that in a box with your supercharger.
    • Be sure to remove all sensors and gaskets,**gaskets, sensors, brackets etc. left on supercharger will be disposed once recieved**
    • Our prefered shipping method is Fedex or UPS
  • Turnaround Time

    Current turn around time on supercharger porting is 10-15 day.product overview

  • product overview

    -Snouts are CNC'd with a 5 axis cnc with jokerz port design

    -Snouts are welded on to gain area internally for performance gains

    -Bearing plates are CNC'd with a 5 axis cnc with Jokerz port design

    -Runners are ported by Hand then hand sanded and polished. improves radius of the runners. most beneficial on 18 and up blowers. 15-17 minimal gains are seen. runners are gasket matched to FORCED INDUCTION INTERCHILLER SPACERS.

    -Blower inlet if chosen is gasket matched to bearing plate on full tilt package

    -Full tilt is our most extreme port for 2.4/2.7/3.0 ihi superchargers 

    -All prices include assembly, disassembly, oil, and cleaning

    -upper idler, green belt, and fixed upper pulleys may create 150%+ axial torsion and resonance on supercharger assembly resulting in failure. Run at your own risk

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